What we do

We create spaces where people connect and communicate with confidence. Our designs seamlessly integrate the technology, into environments where people are inspired to collaborate face to face or connect effortlessly around the globe.

Enabling people to connect and communicate with confidence

But first…. We LISTEN. We can’t bring your vision to life, unless we listen to what you want. We make sure we see the space you have, find out what it is you want it to do, how you want it to look and THEN we create your personalised design.

Envision along with a select group of partners provide full custom designs and fit outs from floor to ceiling, so the technology is seamlessly integrated form start to finish. From modern stylised interiors, to respectfully integrating heritage spaces.

We believe in SMART designs that are SIMPLE to use. We want people to feel confident in the spaces we create and to have fun exploring, presenting and preforming without being confused or intimidated by the technology. It needs to enhance and enable human interaction.

Boardrooms / Auditoriums

We design full scale purpose built boardrooms and auditoriums, with intuitive audio systems and multi purpose screen and projection options. Integrating intelligent tech into the environment to enable seamless collaboration and presenting - face to face or via seamless interactive video conferencing.

Meeting Rooms / Communal Spaces

We create personally designed spaces that make it easier to engage with your audience large or small, seated in front of you or across the globe. Whether its a personal work pod, small top mid size meeting rooms, or an open free flowing communal space - we can bring it to life.

Innovation Labs / Collaboration Spaces

Different form the traditional boardroom, we design spaces that are interactive, playful, and purpose built to inspire innovation and collaboration. With intuitive, easy to use tech that helps capture and bring ideas to life as they happen, enabling people thrive in the moment.



Full Design Fit outs - floor to ceiling

From brand new work spaces, office relocations, or floor to ceiling refurbishing - we design and integrate purpose built spaces from the ground up, to insure you make the most out of the environment you have.
A team of interior designers, work side by side with audio and vision designers to create truly integrated creations.

System Upgrades

When its time to upgrade your existing systems and tech, we can help revitalise the space and bring it up to date, with the best fit audio, visual and communication systems to suit your needs.


Design / Engineering services 

Our audio visual designers and engineers are available to bring to life your ideas, working with you and your expectations within budget. Wether you have speciality rooms like medical facilities and design labs or you simply want to maximise space and technology in a large work space. We will ensure you feel confident with your new systems and tech so you get the most out of it.

Integration services
Integrated systems to make the most out of your work / creative spaces - With user friendly hardware and software that allows everything from meeting room bookings to simple set up and connection presenting - video conferencing - digital note taking - performance and more.


Service is something that is intrinsically part of everyone at envision av. We pride ourselves on always delivering the highest expectations in service in all our interactions, through all phases of design, build and post installation.



Our support offering is constantly expanding, as we maintain longer relationships and partnerships with our clients. This includes system diagnosis, training and guidance in new or existing software and hardware, white label support teams and in house contracts in hotels, educational facilities, art spaces and more. 

Whether it’s a start up needing a new interactive boardroom through to a global company needing a stream lined communication solution in multiple locations.  If its a brand new space thats a blank canvas, a full refurb refit, or simply updating existing tech - we create seamless designs to bring your vision to life. 

What else….? When we work with you, we don’t just hand you an instruction manual and walk away. We want you and your teams to get the most out of your new space. To inspire and create confidence, we can facilitate a number of hands on training options to better learn and understand how to use emerging technology to its full potential. The out come? You can better connect one to one or with a larger audience. We are taking this even further, developing an add on program with Presenting Coaches that integrate new tech learning and facilitating. Stay tuned…

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