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Who we are

So now you know WHAT we do and WHY, but WHO are we? Envision is a group of like minded passionate people who are real, honest and reliable. We deliver expert knowledge and service in audio visual design fit outs - inside and out. We love seeing a space brought to life, not just aesthetically, but seeing the results at work - people interacting with our designs and confidently connecting with their audience. 

And we’d be lying if we didn't say we get a little excited by new technology and fight to get our hands on it first to explore new possibilities.

Micheal Jones - Managing Director

We share a pride in the work and service we provide. What unites us as team of individuals is a desire to find the ultimate solution beyond the challenges we are presented with. We want to create environments that put people in the best light with the best fit technology to enables and enhance, not confuse or complicate.

We work closely with our partners to create premium interior designed fit outs to seamlessly integrate your new tech to get the most out of your space. We believe in - SMART designs, that are SIMPLE to use. Thats why we source intelligent, simple to use technology to craft custom creations for every customer.

Micheal Jones - CEO Envision AV

For me its more than just putting a TV screen on a wall in a boardroom, or connecting a PA system in an auditorium. It’s what that then enables people to do. With a background in audio engineering, and live events, the buzz I get form this work is watching a performer or presenter shining in the moment and seeing their connection with the audience. When you’re designing and building a space with that purpose in mind, you then share in the pride of that moment someone steps up to a microphone.

Envision was born from that experience and its what drives us to do what we do today.

We start with a conversation, to uncover your vision for your space, and how we bring it to life. 

We are passionate about providing outstanding personalised  service, to instil confidence and trust in every design we build. 

We source intelligent, simple to use technology, to craft bespoke creations for every customer.  Smart designs. Simple to use.

We are passionate about putting people in the best light, so they can shine when they need to. Our aim is to replace the confusion and frustration that comes with new tech, with confidence and trust.  To do that, we find the best fit technology to truly enable the people in the space.


We’d love to work with you, or in turn if you’d like to work with us, please get in contact. Envision. Connect & Communicate with Confidence.

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